Thank you for your interest in Enactus Warwick!

Applications for the 22/23 Exec are open until 6th April.

We will assess candidates as soon as their application is received and encourage you to apply as soon as possible. President and Vice-President will be decided through votes in our annual election, which will be at 7pm on 7th April. All other roles will be appointed by the current Exec. You can apply for up to two positions (please submit two separate applications).

Apply here!

Please see below for our roles and descriptions:


– Internal applicants only

– Responsible for setting and implementing the society’s vision, mission statement and sustainability plan for the year in office

– Cooperate with executive members to ensure the overall execution of the society’s short and long term obligations and goals

– Liaise with Enactus UK, University Advisors and Alumni Advisors as required


– Internal applicants only

– Driver for new projects and activities within the society while ensuring member engagement and satisfaction

– Cooperate with stream leaders to ensure the successful execution of the streams projects

People Director

– Build an Enactus team spirit by organising socials and society-wide events

– Responsible for the society’s recruitment process, particularly the onboarding process of new members

– Ensuring effective communication in the society

Finance and Impact Director

– Plan the budget, update year expenditure and income accounts and handle reimbursements

– Responsible for applications for grants and sponsorship and financial relations

– Cooperate with stream leaders and PMs for ensuring financial consistency and execution

– Responsible for ensuring the overall collection of data from the point of contact from each project, thinking of innovative ideas to improve the overall societal impact and sustainability, and evaluating those ideas that are already in place. 

– Create and maintain the overall impact assessment system, which acts as the basis of our Annual Report 

VPE (Corporate Relations Director)

– Responsible for maintaining communication with all of our business advisers and for finding new business advisors

– Organise and ensure the execution of the Business Advisory Board to help support our social enterprise

– Coordinating with partners to organise external events or internal events/workshops

– Cooperate with stream leaders and Project Managers to ensure external relation consistency and execution

Marketing Director

– Responsible for the strategic planning and execution of Enactus Warwick and stream marketing including recruitment, events and materials

– Cooperate with stream leaders and Project Managers to ensure marketing consistency and execution

– Ensure that consulting and social enterprise marketing heads are supported by organising marketing workshops and sharing best practices

Technology Director

– Drive technological improvements within the society

– Ensure both the front and back end of the Enactus Warwick website is maintained

– Lead other members in the society in tech positions, and cooperate with stream leaders and Project Managers for website content updates

– Help our social enterprises to grow through tech industry advice and support

Social Enterprise Director

– Supervise the operations of our social enterprise, and offering them support and guidance wherever possible

– Help construct long-term project plans and set realistic targets for individual projects 

– Ensure Project Planning is completed over the summer holidays, are maintained and re-evaluated throughout the year 

– Coordinate with Project Managers to ensure optimal project performance and support them in overcoming obstacles

Consulting Director

– Devising and ensuring the execution of long-term internal development initiatives for EWC 

–  Ascertaining that all main operations of EWC are planned sufficiently in advance, facilitating effective planning before the operating academic year (Easter break, Term  3, Summer) 

– Working tightly in cooperation with directors of other streams of Enactus Warwick as well as President and VP to develop Enactus Warwick in general while making sure that EWC fits well into this development 

– Supporting the other executives in the overall coordination of the Consulting stream

–  Spokesperson of the Consulting branch within Enactus Warwick


Social Enterprise

Food Intercept Co-Project Manager

– Passionate about food waste and driven to make an environmental and social impact 

– Setting the direction of the team and overseeing all operations run smoothly for events and weekly stalls 

– Able to identify issues and potential pitfalls and find solutions for the benefit and growth of the project  

– Frequently liaise with Enactus exec’s, Mum’s Kitchen, other societies and sustainability and impact team 

Gateway Co-Project Manager

– Passionate about helping refugees and asylum seekers and driven to make a social impact

– Setting the direction of your team and overseeing all operations run smoothly for events and weekly workshops 

– Able to identify issues and potential pitfalls and find solutions for the benefit and growth of the project  

– Frequently liaise with Enactus exec’s, other societies and partner organisations 

Warwick Connect Co-Project Manager

– Passionate about student wellbeing and driven to make a social impact 

– Setting the direction of the team and overseeing all operations run smoothly for events

– Able to identify issues and potential pitfalls and find solutions for the benefit and growth of the project  

– Frequently liaise with Enactus exec’s and other societies  


Marketing & Recruitment Manager

– The marketing of consulting stream for recruitment, which includes designing the recruitment materials together with other marketing personnel of the society. 

– Managing advertising and public communications, establishing the required channels for effective communications. Making sure all members of the society are aware of when training/events are taking place in advance. 

– Designing recruitment events and leading info presentations etc., running these events together with other consulting executives. 

– Leading the recruitment for new engagement managers each term, and other executives that may open up throughout the year where necessary. 

Examples of tasks will include: 

  • Creating and managing an Enactus Warwick Consulting specific social network page to communicate events and updates to all our members. 
  • Making blog posts and articles on the official Enactus Warwick website during recruitment. 
  • Creating and designing effective graphics (posters/videos/etc.) when necessary to post on the FB page. 
  • Create new recruitment materials, as well as manage the recruitment process, working directly with the Engagement Managers and other exec during this time. 

Skills needed:

  • Demonstrated ability to create graphics using any software (Adobe/Procreate etc.)
  • Ability to handle heavy workloads at times and manage your time effectively
  • Strong team-leadership skills useful
  • Communication and a strong team-member

Operations Manager

– Responsible for all internal and external relations and overseeing all events and partnership opportunities and handling the logistics of all events. 

– Second Spokesperson to Enactus Warwick and responsible for liaison within the society. 

– Supporting executives responsible for the operations of Enactus Warwick Consulting and maintaining professional relations with all Enactus Warwick Consulting’s clients and partners. 

– Devising and executing new change and business solutions to Enactus Warwick Consulting to ensure long term growth of the society. 

– Deal with an effective COVID-19 mitigation strategy for the year on end timeline to ensure smooth operations of projects and internal operations throughout. 

Skills needed:

  • Strong communication skills & a high level of professionalism 
  • Confidence to convey important messages to both partners and our members 
  • Ability to adapt plans at a moments notice and can deal with a highly intensive workload 
  • Time-management and dedication to Enactus Warwick and Enactus UK as a whole 
  • Demonstrated team-leadership skills

Partnerships Manager

– Will be responsible for attaining new partnerships both with societies and university bodies, as well as with external partners.  

– Liaise directly with Operations and Relations Director and effectively manage all communications with our existing and new partners. 

– Designing the layout and creating and effectively running all partnership events, and ensuring the smooth operations of such events. 

– Work in direct communication with the training and engagement manager(s) for such events. 

Examples of tasks will include: 

  • Reaching out and creating new partnerships with SMEs within the East Midlands that can provide both mentorship and other opportunities to our members. 
  • Creating direct 1-1 partnerships with other societies and student bodies on campus, as well as other Enactus organisations within the UK to promote a positive and inclusive atmosphere to help students learn more about consulting. 
  • Establishing communication with past partnerships such as EY, and creating a strong exclusive partnership with them in preparation for our events. 
  • Finding alumni and graduates both in consulting and in other areas of interest (IB/Law/Finance) who can run and/or attend our training and engagement events. 
  • Reaching out to larger corporations who can offer financing and other services to Enactus Warwick Consulting to help us achieve our long-term goals as a society. 

Skills needed:

  • Able to manage new tasks effectively 
  • Hard-working 
  • Good team-work skills 
  • Very strong communication skills and a high level of professionalism 

Training & Engagement Manager

– Work in communication with the partnership manager(s) to run training workshops/engagement events with our partners at EWC. 

– Create and re-design EWC’s current training materials and design new effective training courses that will be opened to all members of Enactus Warwick and our partners. 

– Liaise with the Operations and Relations Director on a bi-weekly basis on managing new events based on the feedback given by our members. 

Examples of tasks will include: 

  • Creating a full overhaul of the training materials, which will be up to the discretion of the Operations and Relations Director and yourselves as you see fit. 
  • Developing and running training workshops in liaison with our partner managers to provide our members with high quality training. 
  • Work alongside our partners and other societies to make inclusive events that promote Enactus Warwick and our ambitions to students at the university. 
  • Researching consulting using given training manuals and previous literature to create high-quality training resources exclusive to our members. 

Skills needed:

  • Highly ambitious 
  • Able to manage new tasks effectively 
  • Hard-working 
  • Good team-work skills 
  • Good time-management skills

Good luck!

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