Exec Positions

Please note that all the roles posted are available only for Enactus Warwick members.




– Responsible for setting and implementing the society’s vision, mission statement and sustainability plan for the year in office

– Cooperate with executive members to ensure the overall execution of the societies short and long term obligations and goals

– Liaise with Enactus UK, University Advisors and Alumni Advisors as required.


Vice President

– Driver for new projects and activities within the society while ensuring member engagement and satisfaction

– Cooperate with stream leaders to ensure the successful execution of the streams projects



– Responsible for the planning and execution of EW national competitions, training, socials and meetings

– Responsible for effective communication within the society


Finance Director

– Plan the budget, update year expenditure and income accounts and handle reimbursements

– Responsible for applications for grants and sponsorship and financial relations

– Cooperate with stream leaders and PMs for ensuring financial consistency and execution


Relations Director

– Ensure the execution of the Business Advisory Board

– Coordinating external events, partnerships and relations

– Cooperate with stream leaders and PMs to ensure external relation consistency and execution


 Marketing Director

– Responsible for the planning and execution of EW and stream marketing including recruitment, events and materials

– Cooperate with stream leaders and PMs to ensure marketing consistency and execution


Technology Director

– Ensure both the front and back end of the EW website is maintained

– Cooperate with stream leaders and PMs for website content updates


Social Enterprise Director

Consulting Director

Innovation Unit Director

Client Portfolio Manager

Food Intercept Team Leader

Gateway Team Leader

Baala Team Leader

The Ideas Group Team Leader

The Innovation Hub Team Leader

eMocco Team Leader



Missed the deadline? Couldn’t apply? Couldn’t find the role you are looking for? We still encourage you to become a member of the society as we hold many exciting events and useful training throughout the year. We encourage you to submit your CV, we will contact you if a new project or opportunity arises.

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