Food Intercept

Welcome to the official website of the Warwick Food Intercept Project.

About us

The food industry is one of the worst polluters of all industries. Alone in the UK we through away 4.5 million tonnes of food every year! Resources go into food production alongside with CO2 that is emitted in the entire supply chain. And still, simply put, most of us are guilty for contribute to food waste by lack of food shopping planning, being tempted by discounts etc.

Food Intercept aims to create awareness of the issue around food waste and thereby change consumption patterns.

To address this issue on a local scale, we are collecting perfectly edible food that would otherwise go to waste and transform it in delicious meals in collaboration with our partner Mum’s Kitchen.  

For a fair price, those meals are then sold on campus every Monday at lunch time!

Why is Food Intercept needed?

Social enterprises like Food Intercept are needed now more than ever. The value of food thrown away each year is in excess of $1 trillion. Over 1 billion people across the world are malnourished and yet just 1/4 of the food waste from Europe and North America could feed these people if distributed more efficiently.

In addition to this, excessive farming often causes huge environmental problems such as fertilizer related eutrophication into rivers and lakes leaving them ecologically dead, widespread deforestation in countries such as Brazil to clear land for farming and CO2/methane emissions through mechanized farming. Farming accounts for 13.5% of global man made CO2 emissions. If we can reduce food waste and subsequently the need to farm as much, we can curtail the severity of many of these problems.

Furthermore, our donations to homeless charities are helping to solve the huge strain of the 33,400 people living in unsecure housing, being homeless or sofa surfing in Warwickshire.


Our Impact

We have an environmental and social mission!

To reduce food waste and to empower the financial independence of disadvantaged women in Coventry through Mum’s Kitchen!

Last year, we saved over 117 boxes of veggies from going to waste!

How can you help?

There are numerous ways of what you can do! First and foremost, start planning when you go food shopping to minimize your own contribution to food waste!

If you want to get involved in our project, here are some options:

  • Come along our weekly stalls and spice up your Monday lunch! Check out our Instagram to get the latest news!
  • Volunteer and help us with collections. Just drop us a message on social media and we can let you know how you can get involved!
  • Get onboard and become a team member! Applications are open at the beginning and end of term! Make sure to keep an eye on those deadlines!

Our Team

Rohit Talreja
Project Manager
Julian Rocke
Project Manager

Our Partners

Mum’s Kitchen CIC is an initiative that was introduced to build confidence and reduce social isolation amongst minority women in and around Coventry. These may be women who have been dealt a bad hand in life or simply want to be surrounded by those from a similar background. Our partnership with them will involve our team providing raw fruits and vegetables, which these women will then cook and transform into hot meals, and non perishable items such as chutneys and jams. We will then sell these products on the Warwick Campus, and thus, providing the mums employed with a source of income.

Coventry market is a freshfood market held in Coventry primarily selling fruits and vegetables. We are partnering up with 4-5 stalls from the market, who are willing to donate to us crates of fruit and vegetables that are perfect to eat but just left unsold during the day, and which would otherwise be thrown away

Fareshare is the uk’s largest charity fighting hunger and food waste. We partner up with fareshare warehouses who donate to us food items which are perfectly edible to andbut would be thrown away -such as baked goods, breads and vegetables which we then donate to our beneficiaries

Want to learn more? Contact us!