Innovation Unit

Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub is expanding. Building on successful events in the past 2 years, the third installment of the Innovation Hub will occur next year. The concept is slightly changing into more of a ‘social’ incubator wherein we will run talks, workshops and activities surrounding social entrepreneurship in our Innovation Hub Programme. During this time like-minded individuals can work together to conceptualise new social enterprises, and already existing projects can hone their skills. At the end of this process, teams can enter the Innovation Hub to pitch their projects to a panel of judges to be awarded funds from the Enactus Warwick Grant.

Project Manager

The PM will be responsible for the successful implementation of the Innovation Hub. This means managing a team and delegating tasks, recruiting team members next academic year, planning the curriculum of the Innovation Hub Programme, networking with other societies and organisations to host workshops and sessions and overseeing the logistics of the end event. Key Skills: Leadership, Organisational, Operational

Head of Marketing

A vital role in ensuring the event is well publicized and garners enough attention. Responsible for the marketing strategy, and for managing and delegating tasks to team members. Key Skills: Marketing, Task Delegation, Creative Thinking

Team Member

Team members will be given a specific role, which may include tasks such as the following:

  •       Identifying judges for the end event
  •       Finding speakers for the Innovation Hub Programme
  •       Liaising with potential workshop and session leaders
  •       Helping with marketing
  •       Preparing for the logistics of the end event

Key Skills: Teamwork, Flexibility, Hardworking

Conceptual Project

We aim to provide a quick, easy and convenient way for students to rent nice-to-have items ranging from party speakers to coffee makers, products normally not affordable to students. To achieve this, we utilize an Instagram page decorated with pictures of products available to rent. Our project is particularly useful to exchange students, who only spend a shortened time at the university and so normally wouldn’t buy these items. This platform acts as an initiative to improve the quality of student’s lives, making items more accessible and decreasing the upfront spending costs of university life. All profits raised go toward the Enactus Warwick Grant, which funds projects with a social impact.

Operations Team Member

Our Operations Team is responsible for creatively solving key problems for our project to work. This includes, but not limited to ordering, storage, delivery, insurance, packaging, business/pricing strategies and online payment systems. Key Skills: Hardworking, Flexibility, Teamwork

Marketing Team Member

The Marketing Team is a vital part of our project, responsible for branding, creating and initiating various marketing campaigns, and finally managing our soon-to-be lovely Instagram page, including designing nice pictures of our products. Key Skills: Design, Creativity, Marketing Strategies

Finance Officer

This role consists of a realm of tasks, from devising pricing strategies to organizing insurance for our products. Expectations also include helping in any activities carried out by our Operations Team. Key Skills: Working With Numbers, Long-term Planning, Budgeting

The Ideas Group

Join a team of creative problem-solvers which offer their social enterprise skills to aid other projects in Enactus Warwick. These range from restructuring projects to incorporate sustainable revenue streams, to helping in the rebranding of projects.

Team Member

Will be expected to contribute to tasks and proactively seek ones elsewhere. Team members work together with members of other projects in Enactus Warwick, and amongst each other with efficiency. Key Skills: Critical Thinking, Teamwork, Problem-solving