Innovation Unit

Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub is expanding. Building on successful events in the past 2 years, the third installment of the Innovation Hub will occur next year. The concept is slightly changing into more of a ‘social’ incubator wherein we will run talks, workshops and activities surrounding social entrepreneurship in our Innovation Hub Programme. During this time like-minded individuals can work together to conceptualise new social enterprises, and already existing projects can hone their skills. At the end of this process, teams can enter the Innovation Hub to pitch their projects to a panel of judges to be awarded funds from the Enactus Warwick Grant.

Project Manager

The PM will be responsible for the successful implementation of the Innovation Hub. This means managing a team and delegating tasks, recruiting team members next academic year, planning the curriculum of the Innovation Hub Programme, networking with other societies and organisations to host workshops and sessions and overseeing the logistics of the end event. Key Skills: Leadership, Organisational, Operational

Head of Marketing

A vital role in ensuring the event is well publicized and garners enough attention. Responsible for the marketing strategy, and for managing and delegating tasks to team members. Key Skills: Marketing, Task Delegation, Creative Thinking

Team Member

Team members will be given a specific role, which may include tasks such as the following:

  •       Identifying judges for the end event
  •       Finding speakers for the Innovation Hub Programme
  •       Liaising with potential workshop and session leaders
  •       Helping with marketing
  •       Preparing for the logistics of the end event

Key Skills: Teamwork, Flexibility, Hardworking

Conceptual Project

We aim to provide a quick, easy and convenient way for students to rent nice-to-have items ranging from party speakers to coffee makers, products normally not affordable to students. To achieve this, we utilize an Instagram page decorated with pictures of products available to rent. Our project is particularly useful to exchange students, who only spend a shortened time at the university and so normally wouldn’t buy these items. This platform acts as an initiative to improve the quality of student’s lives, making items more accessible and decreasing the upfront spending costs of university life. All profits raised go toward the Enactus Warwick Grant, which funds projects with a social impact.

Operations Team Member

Our Operations Team is responsible for creatively solving key problems for our project to work. This includes, but not limited to ordering, storage, delivery, insurance, packaging, business/pricing strategies and online payment systems. Key Skills: Hardworking, Flexibility, Teamwork

Marketing Team Member

The Marketing Team is a vital part of our project, responsible for branding, creating and initiating various marketing campaigns, and finally managing our soon-to-be lovely Instagram page, including designing nice pictures of our products. Key Skills: Design, Creativity, Marketing Strategies

Finance Officer

This role consists of a realm of tasks, from devising pricing strategies to organizing insurance for our products. Expectations also include helping in any activities carried out by our Operations Team. Key Skills: Working With Numbers, Long-term Planning, Budgeting

The Ideas Group

Join a team of creative problem-solvers which offer their social enterprise skills to aid other projects in Enactus Warwick. These range from restructuring projects to incorporate sustainable revenue streams, to helping in the rebranding of projects.

Team Member

Will be expected to contribute to tasks and proactively seek ones elsewhere. Team members work together with members of other projects in Enactus Warwick, and amongst each other with efficiency. Key Skills: Critical Thinking, Teamwork, Problem-solving

Social Enterprise

Project Baala

Head of Finance

Project Baala is now expanding to Ghana and Pakistan! The head of finance will have to produce monthly statements in order to keep the team updated on the progress. Basic finance skills are required for this position.

Head of Sponsorship

Project Baala’s funds need to be boosted to make a bigger impact in the following years. To do so, the head of sponsorship will have to attract more sponsors to invest in our project and believe in our ideas. Pitching, writing and finance skills are required for this position.  

Head of Events

Interested in organizing events for a good cause? Being head of events for Project Baala involves collaborating in an innovative way with other societies in order to raise awareness and funds. If you want to apply for this position, you have to be: creative, determined, convincing, and highly motivated.

Warwick Women’s Summit Coordinator

The first ever Women’s Summit was a success, having raised over £900 for charity, and we would like to make it an annual event. In collaboration with Warwick Women’s Career and Women for Women international, you will have the opportunity to organise this summit starting early in the year. To do so, it is required that you are creative, determined, convincing, highly motivated and up-to-date with women’s issues around the world.

Head of Research and Development for Ghana

Now that Baala has expanded to Ghana, our goal is to be sustainable in the country and to grow our impact. For example, a lot of research is necessary in order to find more schools and a factory to work with. In addition to that, the head of research and development will contribute to the creation of workshops, which will take place during the year in Ghana. For this position, perseverance, motivation and writing skills are required.

Food Intercept

Head of Strategy

Food Intercept’s growth is largely attributed to the success of our strategy team who played a big part in generating ideas that enabled us to expand. The head of strategy should be prepared to form partnerships, generate product diversification ideas and business strategies. Key skills: innovative, motivated and passionate

Head of Operations

This past year, Food Intercept has raised over £800 in revenue from food waste, and we would like to continue to grow our operations to make a bigger impact. Our operations head should be prepared to organise logistics from collections to production to retail as we continue to grow. This would include organising members. Key skills: passionate, hard working and organised


Workshops – Team Member

The Gateway Workshops team aims to improve the lives of our beneficiaries by increasing their employability and ease their transition into living within the UK community.  Each week we have team members who go to the Coventry library to conduct these workshops which are made up of IT and Soft Skills.

The Workshops team is looking for dedicated members who are:

  •    Interested in interacting physically with our beneficiaries
  •    Willing to spend at least two hours a week to conduct IT or Soft Skills workshops in Coventry
  •    Willing to work closely with the other teams to constantly improve the content and to make them as personalised as possible
  •    Looking to enhance your skills by attending workshops by the city council to improve the quality of the workshops delivered
  •    Looking to make a lasting impact in the lives of the beneficiaries in various ways possible

Marketing – Team Member

The marketing team is responsible to spread awareness about Gateways and its mission across campus. The team members are responsible for promoting all Gateway related events on campus and on social media. Our goal is to give refugee’s a voice and spread awareness amongst people in order to support them. By being part of the team you will be able to explore your creative side, gain insightful marketing experience and help refugee’s in need.

The skills for an ideal candidate:

–        Knowledge of Photoshop/illustrator or similar software’s (i.e-  Canva)

–        Creative

–        Highly organised

–        Good communication skills

–        Strong time management skills

–        Good understanding of Facebook and Instagram tools.

Events – Team Member

The Events Team will be running fundraisers, speakers and socials to raise awareness of the Gateway cause both on campus and around Coventry. We aim for a diverse speaker series in the coming year, alongside regular campaigns. You will be working in close contact with our beneficiaries, the SU and external organisations to heighten our presence on campus through innovative and interesting events. These are vital both for raising funds for Gateway and spreading awareness of the plight of refugees around the world.

The events team is looking for members who have the following skills:

  •      Innovative ideas for events
  •      Strong organisational and management skills
  •      Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  •      Cost awareness and budgeting
  •      Collaboration skills – work closely with the marketing team to market events
  •      Strong motivation and desire to help the cause of Gateway

Communications and Development  – Team Member

The C&D team aim to develop and provide opportunities to our beneficiaries outside of the workshop. Employment and volunteering are vital to integration for our benefıciaries, and so the team will be working closely potential employers and the Council to source placements. Members will be working closely wıth each beneficiary, forming close relationships to understand their skills and interests to find the best opportunities for them. They will also be an important source of contact for our beneficiaries – helping them through housing problems, legal issues and any other problems they may face.

The C&D team is looking for members who have the following skills:

  •      Strong negotiation and communication abilities when forming partnerships with local employers.
  •      Relationship building with each of our beneficiaries.
  •      Research skills when sourcing potential employers.
  •      Creative abilities to generate new ideas and opportunities for the beneficiaries.
  •      Desire to change the lives of the beneficiaries we work with to provide opportunities they would otherwise be unable to find.

Overall Exec

Relations – Team Member

The relations team is responsible for finding sponsors for Enactus’ social enterprises and organising the Business Advisory Board. As a team member you will have the opportunity to make valuable connections and liaise with graduates, professionals and important companies. Team members need to constantly be ready to find contacts which would in turn help Enactus’ projects get financing, consulting advice or partnerships. The Advisory board is a very important event which will be of great help to the enterprises Enactus is developing, giving the teams the opportunity to get precious tailored advice from experienced professionals and alumni. You will be responsible with finding advisors, provide them with the information they need and ensure they are correctly welcomed to the event, in addition to organising everything else related to the logistics of the event. You will also work very closely with the Project Managers throughout the year to figure out what their needs are in terms of funding or consulting and in turn find the people capable of helping them in their project. The team is looking for people with the following skills:
  • Strong organisational and time management skills
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Capability to take initiatives
  • Charisma, negotiation abilities
  • Good researching skills when looking for potential advisors and sponsors


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