The Warwickshire County Council

The Warwickshire County Council

The Warwickshire County Council is the major entity of local government in the Warwickshire area, operating just below the authority of the British Parliament based in London. Governing over 550,000 people spread across 1,975km2, the Council heads responsibility for education, public and private transport, infrastructures such as roads and parking, public safety, construction planning, social care and environmental protection and sustainability. As modern technology and expectations of the public evolve, so must the Warwickshire County Council’s provision of services, and thus, under an environment of rapidly developing technology and in partnership with Warwick Blackout,Enactus Warwick Consulting has been tasked with consulting the Council on the future of private transport.

The Context

Although Warwickshire has been an essential element of the global automotive industry in preceding decades, and despite its swathes of research and development centres for leading car manufacturers, as the electric and renewable revolution proliferates, the county has been largely overlooked. The ubiquitous infrastructure required for electric travel does not yet exist in the county, and even if plans are made, the Council encounters significant challenges in ascertaining that these plans are known to the public and easily understood. With its multitude of market towns and international tourist sites, and as the global movement towards sustainability hastens, the Council is confident that there exists a demand for the accommodation of electric vehicles but faces some uncertainty on how to cater for it and ensure public awareness.

The Projects

The following projects will be conducted in partnership with Warwick Blackout, an environmental student society which aims to inspire local organisations and students to become environmentally sustainable. In this context, they have volunteered to advise Enactus Warwick Consulting students as they progress through the consultancies.

Project 1: Assessing Means of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Enactus students will research emerging national, subnational and international technologies and strategies for coping with the lengthy charging needs of electric vehicles. Based on the research, students will assess the suitability of deployment for these various technologies, presenting an in-depth and comprehensive report to the Warwickshire County Council at the end of the project.

Project 2: An Effective Marketing Strategy

Through research on wide market penetration,Enactus Warwick Consulting students will devise a marketing strategy which the Council can implement to inform all demographics of Warwickshire on their plans for accommodating electric vehicles. By coordinating with the Council, the team will determine which aspects of the electric vehicle infrastructure are most crucial to advertise, how they can be most clearly communicated and by when the information should be circulated for a smooth transition into electric vehicle technology.