Current Projects


Social enterprises are businesses with a social or environmental mission at their core.

Like normal businesses, profit-making is essential for them to achieve their mission, sustain their operations and scale their impact. We aim to build self-sustaining and growth orientated social enterprises that have a long-term impact on our local communities.

At Enactus Warwick, we have gathered and continue to search for people with enthusiasm, creativity and a passion for entrepreneurship to lead our various projects or even start their own.

Enactus’s Advance Accelerator (Phases 1 & 2) focuses on idea generation and development for the formation of new social enterprises, whereas our Social Enterprise (Phases 3 & 4) division focuses on projects that have launched and are already creating an impact, by ensuring they become self-sustaining.

Our Current Projects

Connect Us

ConnectUs is a student-led project that envisions to uplift social engagement on university campuses and alleviate social anxiety/isolation by fostering effective & purposeful connections among students. ConnectUs aims to enhance and enrich social experiences and mental wellbeing among student communities by serving as the central hub for meaningful connections.

For the past year, our own value-based (rather than personality-based) matching technology with a feedback of 86% matching efficiency has helped organised event-based matching services such as First Dates and Workout/Sports buddy matching for some of our collaborating societies. In the coming years, we seek to explore other exciting ways to deliver our services, such as launching virtual-based projects.

The Crisis Project

The Crisis Project is a non-profit social enterprise aiming to create a community of young and inspired change- makers. We invest in sustainable activism and raise awareness for causes over a larger timescale for maximum impact.

Our flagship project, Letters For The NHS was founded in order to support key workers during the pandemic. Over 1000 volunteers wrote bespoke letters of support to 750 key workers thanking them for their efforts. The project was featured widely across national TV and radio, including BBC London and ITV London News.

We hope to run various campaigns and projects and encourage students to join our movement on social media.

Food Intercept

Ever thought food could be recycled? Food Intercept aims to build awareness and prevent food waste on a local scale by selling sustainably sourced, affordable and healthy vegetarian food options.

Our operations consist of three main steps. First, sourcing and saving food that would otherwise be wasted. Second, delivering this food to our partner Mum’s Kitchen who turns our ingredients into delicious and authentic Indian meals. Third, picking up the prepared meals and selling them on campus through our weekly stalls.

Our impact at Food Intercept is two-fold: In the 2019/20 academic year, we saved more than 115 boxes of food going to waste, while simultaneously supporting the empowerment of minority women in Coventry.

Project Baala

Baala is an organization helping spread awareness about menstrual health in rural areas of Africa, India and Pakistan. By running this project along with ‘Warwick in Africa’ volunteers, we hope to eradicate this issue in selected African cities. Through Baala, not only we are supporting the production of reusable sanitary pads that last up to 2 years, we are also generating a life-long impact on these young girls by running educational workshops in sanitary health.

Ultimately, we want to set up a self-sustainable production and education model for these young women. Furthermore, we will be holding extensive training programmes for ‘Warwick in Africa’s’ volunteers on sanitary health, which will be communicated to the girls in these villages. Throughout the year, our aim is to raise funds and reach a much larger audience.

Project Baala features a world in which education is not negotiable and sanitation is not seen as an obstacle but a necessity. No one should have to live by the restrictions of the society nor a lack of access to sanitation imposed to them. Join us to give every girl the power to empower herself.

The Gateway is a social enterprise aimed at empowering refugees and asylum seekers in Coventry through skills training workshops and career support.

In the past, we have held workshops at Coventry Library and Coventry Hill Hotel, helping beneficiaries with English and IT skills. We often partner with external organisations for events and joint initiatives; these include Coventry City Council, Together for Change, Refugee Action and City of Sanctuary. Some of our past events include an Open Mic for Refugees, a soccer tournament with asylum seekers and university students, and the “Embracing Diversity” online fundraising challenge.

Going forward, we are looking to work more closely with Coventry City Council under the Share My Language initiative to expand our workshops to new locations and assist our beneficiaries in finding part-time voluntary work or employment.

The People’s Backpack

The People’s Backpack aims to reduce the stigma which refugees and asylum seekers face. With over 125,000 refugees and 45,000 pending asylum cases in the UK by the end of 2018, our aim is to create a global impact and help mitigate this humanitarian crisis by empowering refugees and propagating the idea of equity through systemic changes in the society.

The People’s Backpack sells customised backpacks to raise funding in order to provide educational resources and workshops to refugees. The projects’ goal is to provide their successful integration into the UK. The ambitious team driving this project strives to create a sustainable impact on as many refugees as they can.

Last year, we sold over 70 backpacks from only two days of selling, which helped raise £240 for this cause. This year, we wish to raise the bar and find even more avenues to increase our impact on the lives of refugees.


Just be kind.”

Ethically made attire with the intention to inspire.

VieVita is a Non-profit sustainable and ethical clothing company which aims to promote kindness. We believe that no human is illegal and that we all deserve to have a safe place to call home.

All revenues go to two organisations: Be a Robin and Soul Food Kitchen in the refugee camp in Thessaloniki, Greece. Be a Robin focuses on the mental stimulation of refugees through recreational and educational activities. Soul Food Kitchen is in charge of feeding over 300 homeless refugees daily. 

The words “Just be kind.” are not just a phrase on a t-shirt. Our mission is to try to support the ideology that every decision, action, and thought can be guided by kindness. By doing this, eventually people will begin to notice that even the smallest of acts creates a ripple effect that travels unimaginable distances.