by Enactus Warwick Consulting pro bono student-run consulting organisation


What is EWC?

EWC is a student-led pro-bono consulting group which offers strategic advice to businesses, social enterprises and charities. We recruit students from a wide range of backgrounds and do not require business familiarity as we provide comprehensive training and support to all our students to fill any gaps in experience. 

Importantly, our work centres around using entrepreneurial action to cultivate positive social change, selecting a portfolio of high-quality and highly-rewarding clients whose work and goals we deem to be socially impactful. As a result, we consult multifarious start-ups, local business and charities, and even large, international organisations, such as Global Dignity this year, or the United Nations last year. 

Every project is assigned a group of five to six students: one Senior Consultant (who lead the project) and four to five Student Consultants. These students are charged with forming a relationship with the client, identifying their problem, and conducting appropriate analysis to provide them with a set of instantly implementable solutions, often on a strategic level. Henceforth, the work of EWC closely models professional consultancy, offering our members an excellent experience and first-hand understanding for one of Warwick’s most popular career paths. We do not wield a preference for any particular degree background, but emphasise the value of diversity and treasure the unique skill set that any and every student can bring to a project. 

Empowered by the Enactus network found in 1,730 campuses worldwide, Enactus Warwick Consulting (EWC) consists of a group of impact driven and entrepreneurial student consultants. We have a double mission: we aim to support social enterprises, charities and NGOs by helping them create innovative and sustainable solutions. At the same time, we strive to provide our consultants with a platform to apply their skills and knowledge in a professional context. With our consulting efforts, we See Opportunity, Take Action and Enable Progress.

Some of our clients from past to present:

Why EWC?

  1. Work on a real business case and gain experience in consulting

Being part of EWC means you will become a “real consultant” when you are still in the university. This will help you to understand the daily life as a consultant and allow you to develop your problem-solving and interpersonal skills. We work with start-ups, social enterprises, charities and small-to-medium businesses, where you work will make a real impact that you could see. This is the perfect way of gaining consulting experience and pursue self-development while giving back to society. This experience will also help you to understand whether consulting is the career for you!

  1. Comprehensive training and learning opportunities

We will provide you with all the training you need before you handle the clients all by yourself. Past consultants will prepare you and teach you the skills they have learnt and point you in the right direction. All these training materials are developed by past EWC consultants with help from professionals from EY, and are exclusive to consultants of EWC. Furthermore, our Client portfolio managers will make sure all of our consultants are well-supported throughout your consulting journey and help you at every step!

The variety of projects we have means that you will have the opportunity to work in the industry you are interested in and gain hands-on experiences. For example, if you are interested in data science, you can choose our Excellent Development project and work with real experts in the. Even if consulting is not your career choice, EWC can still help you to get a step closer to your dream job!

  1. Widen your career possibilities

Being a student consultant unlocks your career possibilities and gives you an edge in your application to your dream job! Not only does the experience with EWC makes you stand out among other competitors for consulting positions, but it also gives you a variety of transferable skills that are valuable for any other career decisions. You will learn precious soft skills such as time management, communication, teamwork, report writing, problem-solving and much much more.

Here are some of the companies our consultants go on to:

  1. Meeting friends for life and expand your professional network

Everyone you meet in EWC is impact-oriented and determined to create a better future for everyone. You will be surrounded by likeminded people that will be your great friends for life. Furthermore, meeting clients and consultants means that you will be building your professional network one step before everyone else. In many professions, connections are everything. EWC will help you build your network and connect you to our alumni network that spread out to industries from finance and technologies to law and management.

  1. Very cool-looking Hoodie

Being part of the Enactus also means that you will have the chance to have one of the coolest hoodies on campus!

Here is a picture for you to check out!